8 strokes

store, shop




Common words

  • 支店してん
    branch office, branch store
  • 百貨店ひゃっかてん
    department store
  • 店舗てんぽ
    shop, store
  • 書店しょてん
    bookshop, bookstore
  • 本店ほんてん
    head office, main office, main store, flagship store, this store, our store
  • 商店しょうてん
    shop, small store, business, firm
  • 店員てんいん
    employee (of a store), shop assistant, clerk, salesperson
  • 出店でみせ
    food stand, food stall, branch store
  • 喫茶店きっさてん
    coffee shop, tearoom, coffee lounge, coffeehouse, cafe
  • 開店かいてん
    opening a new shop, opening a shop (for the day)
  • 売店ばいてん
    stand, stall, booth, kiosk, store
  • 露店ろてん
    street stall, stand, booth
  • 閉店へいてん
    closing up shop (for the day), stopping business, going out of business
  • 店先みせさき
    storefront, shopfront
  • 店開きみせびらき
    starting a business, opening a store (for the day)