11 strokes

carve, engrave, chisel



Common words

  • 浮き彫りうきぼり
    relief, embossed carving, bringing to the fore, throwing something into relief
  • 彫刻ちょうこく
    carving, engraving, sculpture
  • 彫るほる
    to carve, to engrave, to sculpt, to chisel, to tattoo
  • 木彫りきぼり
    wood carving, woodcraft
  • 木彫もくちょう
    wood carving, wooden sculpture, woodcraft
  • 彫像ちょうぞう
    sculpture, carved statue, graven image
  • 彫塑ちょうそ
    carving, engraving, clay model, plastic art
  • 彫金ちょうきん
    chasing, metal carving, metal engraving