8 strokes

journey, travel, chase away, let go, going, before, formerly



Common words

  • 往復おうふく
    making a round trip, going and returning, coming and going, round-trip ticket, return ticket, correspondence, exchanging (of letters), keeping company (with), socializing, visiting each other
  • 往来おうらい
    coming and going, traffic, road, street, association, socializing, socialising, fellowship, mutual visits, recurring (e.g. thoughts), correspondence
  • 立ち往生たちおうじょう
    being brought to a standstill, being stranded, getting stuck, stalling, deadlock, being stumped, being in a dilemma, stopping in one's tracks, standing speechless, dying while standing (and remaining standing), dying on one's feet
  • 往年おうねん
    years gone by, earlier years, former years, the past
  • 往診おうしん
    doctor's visit, house call
  • 往生おうじょう
    passing on to the next life, death, giving up a struggle, submission, being at one's wits' end, being flummoxed, coercion
  • 既往症きおうしょう
    illness that one had in the past, previous illness, medical history, anamnesis
  • 右往左往うおうさおう
    moving about in confusion, going every which way, going this way and that