9 strokes

wait, depend on



Common words

  • 期待きたい
    expectation, anticipation, hope, promising, rising, up-and-coming
  • 招待しょうたい
  • 待遇たいぐう
    treatment, reception, service, working conditions, salary, pay, remuneration
  • 接待せったい
    entertainment (of guests; esp. in the corporate world), treating (to food and drinks), wining and dining
  • 虐待ぎゃくたい
    abuse, ill-treatment, maltreatment, mistreatment, cruelty
  • 待機たいき
    standing by, awaiting an opportunity, being on alert, quarantine
  • 待望たいぼう
    waiting expectantly, waiting eagerly, looking forward to, long-awaited
  • 待つまつ
    to wait, to await, to look forward to, to anticipate, to depend on, to need
  • 待ち受けるまちうける
    to await, to wait for, to expect
  • 待ち構えるまちかまえる
    to lie in wait (for), to be on the watch (for), to wait (for), to watch (for)
  • 待ち望むまちのぞむ
    to wait eagerly for, to look forward to
  • 待ち遠しいまちどおしい
    longed-for, anxiously awaited
  • 待ち合わせまちあわせ
  • 待ち合わせるまちあわせる
    to rendezvous, to meet at a prearranged place and time, to arrange to meet
  • 待ち伏せまちぶせ
    ambush, lying in wait for an ambush
  • 待ちぼうけまちぼうけ
    waiting in vain
  • 歓待かんたい
    warm welcome, friendly reception, hospitality, entertainment