12 strokes

restore, return to, revert, resume



Common words

  • 回復かいふく
    restoration, rehabilitation, recovery, return, replevin, improvement, recovery (from an illness), recuperation, convalescence
  • 復活ふっかつ
    revival (of an old system, custom, fashion, etc.), restoration, return, comeback, resurrection, rebirth
  • 復帰ふっき
    return, reversion, comeback, reinstatement, carriage return
  • 復興ふっこう
    revival, reconstruction, restoration, rebuilding, recovery, renaissance
  • 往復おうふく
    making a round trip, going and returning, coming and going, round-trip ticket, return ticket, correspondence, exchanging (of letters), keeping company (with), socializing, visiting each other
  • 復旧ふっきゅう
    restoration, restitution, rehabilitation
  • 反復はんぷく
    repetition, iteration, recursion, recurrence, recapitulation
  • 復讐ふくしゅう
  • 復習ふくしゅう
    review (of learned material), revision