12 strokes

grieve, sad, deplore, regret



Common words

  • 悲劇ひげき
    tragedy, tragic drama, tragic play, tragedy, calamity, disaster
  • 悲しみかなしみ
    sadness, sorrow, grief, affection, love
  • 悲観ひかん
    pessimism, (taking a) gloomy view, discouragement, despondency, despair, disappointment
  • 悲惨ひさん
    disastrous, tragic, miserable, wretched, pitiful, woeful
  • 悲鳴ひめい
    shriek, scream
  • 悲哀ひあい
    sorrow, grief, sadness
  • 悲しむかなしむ
    to be sad, to mourn for, to regret
  • 悲壮ひそう
    tragic but brave, heroic, grim
  • 慈悲じひ
    mercy, compassion, clemency, pity, charity, benevolence, rufous hawk-cuckoo, northern hawk-cuckoo
  • 悲恋ひれん
    blighted love, disappointed love
  • 悲しいかなしい
    sad, miserable, unhappy, sorrowful, sad, lamentable, deplorable, grievous
  • 悲嘆ひたん
    grief, sorrow, anguish, lamentation