13 strokes

emotion, feeling, sensation



Common words

  • 感じかんじ
    feeling, sense, impression
  • 感覚かんかく
    sense, sensation, feeling, intuition
  • 感染かんせん
    infection, contagion, becoming infected, being infected (e.g. with harmful ideas), being influenced (by)
  • 感情かんじょう
    emotion, feeling, feelings, sentiment
  • 感想かんそう
    impressions, thoughts, feelings, reactions
  • 感動かんどう
    being deeply moved emotionally, excitement, passion, inspiration, deep emotion, strong impression
  • 敏感びんかん
    sensitive, alert, aware, susceptible
  • 感謝かんしゃ
    thanks, gratitude, appreciation, thankfulness
  • 実感じっかん
    real feeling, actual feeling, to actually feel, to have a real feeling (that ...), to experience personally
  • 感じるかんじる
    to feel, to sense, to experience
  • 感心かんしん
    admiration, being impressed, admirable, praiseworthy, astonishment, being appalled
  • 共感きょうかん
    sympathy, empathy, response, identification (with someone)
  • 好感こうかん
    good feeling, good will, favourable impression, favorable impression
  • 感激かんげき
    deep emotion, impression, inspiration
  • 感触かんしょく
    feel (of something), touch, texture, sensation, feeling, impression
  • 予感よかん
    presentiment, premonition, hunch, to have a premonition, to have a hunch
  • 感慨かんがい
    deep emotion, strong feelings
  • 反感はんかん
    antipathy, antagonism, animosity, revulsion, ill feeling
  • 同感どうかん
    same feeling, same sentiment, same opinion, sympathy, agreement, concurrence
  • 感銘かんめい
    deep impression, being deeply moved, being deeply touched