14 strokes

accustomed, get used to, become experienced



Common words

  • 習慣しゅうかん
    habit, (social) custom, practice, convention
  • 慣例かんれい
    custom, practice, convention, precedent
  • 慣習かんしゅう
    custom, convention, common practice, becoming accustomed (to)
  • 慣れなれ
    practice, experience, habituation, being used to, being comfortable with, being experienced in
  • 見慣れるみなれる
    to become used to seeing, to be familiar with
  • 不慣れふなれ
    inexperienced, unfamiliar (with), unversed, lacking experience
  • 慣らすならす
    to accustom, to train (e.g. one's ear), to tame, to domesticate, to train (an animal)
  • 慣れるなれる
    to get used to, to grow accustomed to, to become familiar with, to become skilled in, to become experienced at, to become tame, to become domesticated, to get used to doing
  • 慣用句かんようく
    idiom, set phrase, idiomatic phrase