4 strokes

door, counter for houses, door radical (no. 63)



Common words

  • 江戸えど
    Edo (shogunate capital, now Tokyo), Yedo
  • door (esp. Japanese-style), shutter, window shutter, entrance (to a home), narrows
  • 井戸いど
    water well
  • 戸惑いとまどい
    being at sea, losing one's bearings, confusion, wonderment, disorientation upon waking at night, forgetting which house or room to enter
  • 戸籍こせき
    family register, census
  • 瀬戸際せとぎわ
    brink, verge, critical moment, crucial moment
  • 江戸っ子えどっこ
    (true) Tokyoite, Edoite, Tokyo native
  • 戸口とぐち
    door, doorway
  • 雨戸あまど
    sliding storm shutter
  • 戸棚とだな
    cupboard, locker, closet, wardrobe, cabinet
  • 戸惑うとまどう
    to be bewildered, to be perplexed
  • 戸締まりとじまり
    locking up (doors and windows), fastening the doors
  • 下戸げこ
    non-drinker, someone who cannot drink