8 strokes

place, extent



Common words

  • 場所ばしょ
    place, location, spot, position, room, space, basho, wrestling tournament
  • 事務所じむしょ
  • 研究所けんきゅうじょ
    research establishment, research institute, laboratory
  • 所得しょとく
    income, earnings
  • 住所じゅうしょ
    address, residence, domicile
  • 所長しょちょう
    head (of an office, laboratory, etc.), chief
  • 所得税しょとくぜい
    income tax
  • 所属しょぞく
    belonging to (a group, organization, etc.), affiliation (with), being attached to, being under the control of
  • 裁判所さいばんしょ
    court, courthouse
  • 所有しょゆう
    one's possessions, ownership
  • 発電所はつでんしょ
    power plant, power station
  • 役所やくしょ
    government office, public office
  • 台所だいどころ
    kitchen, financial situation
  • 刑務所けいむしょ
    prison, jail, gaol, penitentiary
  • 所信しょしん
    belief, conviction, opinion
  • 市役所しやくしょ
    municipal office, council, city hall
  • 保育所ほいくしょ
    nursery school, nursery
  • 名所めいしょ
    famous place, name of a part (of an instrument, etc.), name and address
  • 拘置所こうちしょ
    prison, detention house, detention center, jail
  • 区役所くやくしょ
    ward office, council (regional)