5 strokes

pay, clear out, prune, banish, dispose of



Common words

  • 支払いしはらい
  • 支払うしはらう
    to pay
  • 払いはらい
    payment, bill, account, sweeping, clearing away, sweeping stroke (e.g. when writing kanji)
  • 払うはらう
    to pay (e.g. money, bill), to brush off, to wipe away, to clear away, to dust off, to cut off (e.g. branches), to drive away (e.g. one's competitors), to sell off (something unneeded), to dispose of, to pay (e.g. attention), to show (e.g. respect, concern), to make (e.g. effort, sacrifice), to expend, to exert, to move out (of one's own place), to vacate, to sweep (e.g. one's legs), to knock aside, to make a sweeping stroke (in Japanese calligraphy), to reset (an abacus)
  • 前払いまえばらい
    payment in advance, advance payment, prepayment
  • 酔っ払うよっぱらう
    to get drunk
  • 分割払いぶんかつばらい
    payment by installments, payment by instalments, hire-purchase
  • 酔っ払いよっぱらい
  • 払い込むはらいこむ
    to deposit, to pay in
  • 払い戻すはらいもどす
    to repay, to pay back, to refund, to reimburse