8 strokes

embrace, hug, hold in arms



Common words

  • 抱えるかかえる
    to hold in one's arms, to carry in one's arms, to carry under one's arm, to hold (one's head) in one's hands, to have (problems, debts, etc.), to take on (a responsibility), to be burdened with (e.g. care of a family member), to have (children, etc.) to provide for, to employ, to have (on one's staff), to hire
  • 抱負ほうふ
    aspiration, ambition, plan, hopes, wishes
  • 辛抱しんぼう
    patience, endurance, perseverance
  • 抱き合うだきあう
    to embrace each other
  • 抱擁ほうよう
    embrace, hug, holding in one's arms