9 strokes

hold, have



Common words

  • 維持いじ
    maintenance, preservation, improvement
  • 支持しじ
    support, backing, endorsement, approval, propping up, holding up, support
  • 気持ちきもち
    feeling, sensation, mood, state of mind, preparedness, readiness, attitude, thought, sentiment, consideration, solicitude, gratitude, slightly, a bit, a little
  • 持ちもち
    having, holding, possessing, owning, using, holder, owner, user, wear, durability, life, charge, expense, draw (in go, poetry contest, etc.), tie
  • 持ち込むもちこむ
    to bring in, to take in, to carry in, to approach (someone) with (a proposal, offer, problem, etc.), to bring, to lodge (a complaint), to propose (e.g. a project), to bring (to another stage), to take (e.g. to court, to extra time, to a play-off)
  • 持つもつ
    to hold (in one's hand), to take, to carry, to possess, to have, to own, to maintain, to keep, to last, to be durable, to keep, to survive, to take charge of, to be in charge of, to hold (meeting, etc.), to have (opportunity, etc.), to have "it", to have that special something, to be blessed with good luck
  • 持続じぞく
    continuation, persisting, lasting, sustaining, enduring
  • 堅持けんじ
    holding on to, sticking to
  • 持ち主もちぬし
    owner, proprietor, possessor (e.g. of talent, beauty, etc.)
  • 持参じさん
    bringing, taking, carrying
  • 長持ちながもち
    long-lasting, long-wearing, wears well, nagamochi, large oblong chest (for clothing, personal effects, etc.)
  • 持久じきゅう
    endurance, persistence
  • 持ち物もちもの
    one's property, personal effects, one's belongings
  • 持ち上げるもちあげる
    to elevate, to raise, to lift up, to flatter, to extol, to praise to the sky
  • 力持ちちからもち
    muscleman, strong man
  • 持ち直すもちなおす
    to recover, to rally, to improve, to pick up
  • 受け持ちうけもち
    charge (of something), matter in one's charge, (one's) assignment, (one's) job
  • 受け持つうけもつ
    to take (be in) charge of