11 strokes

discard, throw away, abandon, resign, reject, sacrifice



Common words

  • 使い捨てつかいすて
    throwaway, disposable, single-use
  • 切り捨てるきりすてる
    to cut off and throw away, to abandon, to disregard, to discard, to throw to the wolves, to discard (numbers after a certain decimal place), to drop, to omit, to ignore, to round down, to cut (someone) down, to slay
  • 見捨てるみすてる
    to abandon, to fail, to desert, to forsake
  • 呼び捨てよびすて
    addressing (someone) without using a suffix such as "-san" or "-chan" (considered impolite)
  • 四捨五入ししゃごにゅう
    rounding (off; a number), rounding half away from zero, rounding off (views), converging to a common opinion
  • 取捨しゅしゃ
    adoption or rejection, selection, choice, option
  • 捨てるすてる
    to throw away, to cast away, to dump, to discard, to abandon, to desert, to leave, to give up, to resign