12 strokes

scatter, disperse, spend, squander



Common words

  • 解散かいさん
    breaking up (a meeting, gathering, etc.), dispersal (e.g. of a crowd), dissolution (of a company, organization, etc.), winding-up, disbandment, split-up, dissolution (of the Diet, Parliament, etc.)
  • 拡散かくさん
    spreading, disseminating, scattering, diffusion (of light, gas)
  • 散歩さんぽ
    walk, stroll
  • 分散ぶんさん
    dispersion, breakup, scattering, decentralization, decentralisation, distribution, variance, dispersion
  • 散会さんかい
  • 閑散かんさん
    deserted (esp. store, market, town, streets), quiet, still, hushed, empty, inactive (business, trade, etc.), slack, flat, off-season, quiet, dull, idle, free, unoccupied
  • 散るちる
    to fall (e.g. blossoms, leaves), to scatter, to be dispersed, to disappear, to dissolve, to break up, to spread, to run, to blur, to die a noble death
  • 散々さんざん
    thoroughly, completely, utterly, severely, harshly, terribly, miserably, wretchedly, badly, scattered, disconnected, dispersed, smashed into tiny pieces
  • 散髪さんぱつ
    (having a) haircut, hair-cutting, hair-dressing, messy hair, untied hair, unkempt hair
  • 散文さんぶん
  • 発散はっさん
    emission, emanation, radiation, diffusion, dispersion, letting out (feelings), venting, divergence (of light), divergence
  • 散漫さんまん
    vague, desultory, distracted, loose, half-hearted, diffuse, scattered
  • 散らしちらし
    leaflet, scattering, sushi rice in a box or bowl with a variety of ingredients sprinkled on top, writing in an irregular hand
  • 散らばるちらばる
    to be scattered about, to disperse, to be littered (with)
  • 散らかるちらかる
    to be in disorder, to lie scattered around
  • 散らすちらす
    to scatter, to cause a shower of, to disperse, to distribute, to spread, to resolve (a symptom, condition, etc.), to relieve, to get rid of, to cure, to distract, to divert, to do ... wildly (i.e. disorderly or frequently), to do ... all over the place