13 strokes

number, strength, fate, law, figures



Common words

  • 数字すうじ
    numeral, figure, digit, numeric character
  • 多数たすう
    large number (of), many, majority
  • かず
    number, amount
  • 少数しょうすう
    small number, few, minority
  • 複数ふくすう
    plural, multiple, several
  • 過半数かはんすう
  • 半数はんすう
    half the number, haploid
  • 数値すうち
    numerical value, numerics, reading (on a meter, etc.)
  • 回数かいすう
    number of times, frequency, count
  • 手数料てすうりょう
    (handling) fee, charge (e.g. for a cancellation), commission, brokerage
  • 総数そうすう
    total (number), count
  • 人数にんずう
    the number of people, many people, a large number of people
  • 数量すうりょう
    quantity, volume, amount
  • 数学すうがく
  • 数多くかずおおく
    in great numbers
  • 日数にっすう
    number of days
  • 大多数だいたすう
    great majority
  • 無数むすう
    innumerable, countless, numberless
  • 枚数まいすう
    the number of flat things, win-loss difference which influences the ranking of wrestlers
  • 数億年すうおくねん
    several hundred million years