9 strokes

star, spot, dot, mark



Common words

  • 衛星えいせい
    (natural) satellite, moon, (artificial) satellite
  • ほし
    star (usu. not including the Sun), planet (usu. not including Earth), heavenly body, star (glyph, symbol, shape), star (actor, player, etc.), small dot, spot, fleck, star point (intersection marked with a dot), hoshi, perp, perpetrator, mark, offender, suspect, bullseye, one's star (that determines one's fate), one's fortune, point, score
  • 惑星わくせい
    planet, dark horse, surprise contender
  • 火星かせい
    Mars (planet)
  • 星空ほしぞら
    starry sky
  • 星座せいざ
    constellation, astrological sign, star sign, zodiac sign
  • 星条旗せいじょうき
    Stars and Stripes (US flag), Star-Spangled Banner (US anthem)
  • 彗星すいせい
  • 明星みょうじょう
    morning star, Venus, preeminent person (within their own field), star (of the stage, silver screen, etc.)
  • 流れ星ながれぼし
    shooting star, falling star, meteor, blaze (wide white stripe down the face of a horse)
  • 水星すいせい
    Mercury (planet)
  • 恒星こうせい
  • 星占いほしうらない
    astrology, horoscope
  • 巨星きょせい
    giant star, great person, giant, superstar, big-shot