13 strokes

darkness, disappear, shade, informal, grow dark, be blinded



Common words

  • 暗殺あんさつ
  • 真っ暗まっくら
    total darkness, pitch dark, bleak future, poor prospects
  • 明暗めいあん
    light and darkness, light and shade
  • 暗礁あんしょう
    reef, sunken rock, unforeseen difficulty
  • 暗号あんごう
    code, password, cipher
  • 暗黙あんもく
    tacit, unspoken, implicit
  • 暗雲あんうん
    dark clouds, threatening signs, ominous indications
  • 暗黒あんこく
  • 薄暗いうすぐらい
    dim, gloomy
  • 暗記あんき
    memorization, memorisation, learning by heart
  • 暗示あんじ
    hint, suggestion
  • 暗躍あんやく
    secret manoeuvres (maneuvers), operating behind the scenes
  • 暗いくらい
    dark, gloomy, murky, depressed, dispirited, down in the dumps, dark (mood), dark (in colour), dull, ill-boding, dark (e.g. past), suspicious, unlikely (to succeed), hopeless, unpromising, unfamiliar (with), ignorant (of)
  • 暗算あんざん
    mental arithmetic