4 strokes

tree, wood



Common words

  • tree, shrub, bush, wood, timber, wooden clappers (signalling the beginning or end of a performance)
  • 木造もくぞう
    wooden, made of wood, wooden construction
  • 木材もくざい
    lumber, timber, wood
  • 土木どぼく
    engineering works, civil engineering, public works
  • 樹木じゅもく
    tree, trees and shrubs
  • 木曜もくよう
  • 木製もくせい
    wooden, made of wood
  • 並木なみき
    roadside tree, row of trees
  • 大木たいぼく
    large tree
  • 雑木林ぞうきばやし
    grove of miscellaneous trees, copse, coppice, thicket
  • 植木うえき
    garden shrubs, trees, potted plant
  • 木々きぎ
    (many) trees, every tree, all kinds of trees
  • 苗木なえぎ
    seedling, sapling, young tree
  • 材木ざいもく
    wood (for building), lumber, timber
  • 木綿もめん
    cotton (material), red silk-cotton tree (Bombax ceiba)
  • 草木くさき
    plants, vegetation
  • 木炭もくたん
  • 木の葉このは
    leaf (of a tree), tree leaves, foliage
  • 木陰こかげ
    shade of tree, bower
  • 木片もくへん
    block (of wood), chip, splinter