12 strokes




Common words

  • 移植いしょく
    transplanting (a plant), transplant, grafting, transplantation (of an organ, tissue, etc.), transplant, embryo transfer, embryo transplant, porting (software)
  • 植物しょくぶつ
    plant, vegetation
  • 植民地しょくみんち
    colony, (Japanese) settlement (in Brazil)
  • 動植物どうしょくぶつ
    plants and animals, flora and fauna
  • 植物園しょくぶつえん
    botanical garden
  • 植木うえき
    garden shrubs, trees, potted plant
  • 植木鉢うえきばち
    flowerpot, plant pot
  • 誤植ごしょく
    misprint, typographical error, typo
  • 植えるうえる
    to plant, to grow, to raise, to insert, to transplant, to implant, to set (type), to inoculate (e.g. an infectious agent), to instill (idea, value, etc.), to inculcate