6 strokes

next, order, sequence



Common words

  • 次官じかん
    vice-minister, undersecretary
  • 次々つぎつぎ
    in succession, one by one
  • 次第にしだいに
    gradually (progress into a state), in sequence, in order, in turn
  • 次回じかい
    next time (occasion)
  • 二次にじ
    second, secondary, quadratic (function, equation, etc.), second-order
  • 相次ぐあいつぐ
    to follow in succession, to happen one after another
  • 次元じげん
    dimension, perspective, point of reference, level (of something)
  • 次ぐつぐ
    to follow, to come after, to come next (to), to rank next (to), to rank second (to)
  • 次第しだい
    depending on, as soon as, immediately after, upon, as (e.g. "as one is told", "as one wishes"), whatever (e.g. "whatever is at hand"), order, program, programme, precedence, circumstances, course of events, state of things, reason
  • 目次もくじ
    table of contents, contents
  • 次男じなん
    second son
  • 漸次ぜんじ
    gradually, slowly, little by little, incrementally
  • 次いでついで
    next, secondly, subsequently
  • 取り次ぐとりつぐ
    to act as an agent for, to intermediate, to announce (someone's arrival), to answer (the door, the phone), to receive (a guest at reception), to usher in (a guest), to convey (a message)
  • 逐次ちくじ
    successively, one after another, sequentially, one by one