14 strokes

song, sing



Common words

  • うた
    song, singing, classical Japanese poem (esp. tanka), modern poetry
  • 歌手かしゅ
  • 歌舞伎かぶき
    kabuki, traditional form of drama and music performed by male actors wearing makeup mainly in white and red
  • 短歌たんか
    tanka, 31-mora Japanese poem
  • 歌劇かげき
  • 歌詞かし
    song lyrics, words of a song, libretto
  • 国歌こっか
    national anthem
  • 和歌わか
    waka, classic Japanese poem, esp. a tanka, often 31 morae
  • 歌ううたう
    to sing, to sing of (love, beauty, etc.) in a poem, to express in the form of a poem, to recite (a poem)
  • 歌謡かよう
    song, ballad
  • 歌声うたごえ
    singing voice, (sound of) singing
  • 歌謡曲かようきょく
    kayōkyoku, form of Japanese popular music that developed during the Showa era, (Western) pop song
  • 詩歌しいか
    Japanese and Chinese poetry, poetry, poems
  • 唱歌しょうか
    singing, song, music class (at pre-WWII schools), song for music classes
  • 流行歌りゅうこうか
    popular song, hit song
  • 歌姫うたひめ
    songstress, diva