6 strokes

death, die



Common words

  • death, decease, (an) out, death penalty (by strangulation or decapitation; most severe of the five ritsuryō punishments)
  • 脳死のうし
    brain death
  • 死者ししゃ
    dead person, (the) deceased, (the) dead, casualties
  • 死亡しぼう
    death, dying, mortality
  • 死去しきょ
    death, decease, passing away
  • 死刑しけい
    death penalty, capital punishment
  • 必死ひっし
    frantic, frenetic, desperate, inevitable death, brinkmate (inevitable checkmate)
  • 死体したい
    dead body, corpse, cadaver, carcass
  • 死後しご
    after death
  • 死因しいん
    cause of death
  • 死傷者ししょうしゃ
    casualties, the killed and wounded
  • 安楽死あんらくし
  • 死刑囚しけいしゅう
    criminal condemned to death, convict on death row
  • 死亡者しぼうしゃ
    the deceased, deaths, persons killed
  • 生死せいし
    life and death, life or death, samsara (cycle of death and rebirth), death
  • 水死すいし
    death by drowning
  • 戦死せんし
    death in battle
  • 病死びょうし
    death from disease, death from illness
  • 餓死がし
    (death from) starvation, starving to death
  • 死語しご
    dead language, extinct language, obsolete word, dated word, word that has become passé