5 strokes

people, nation, subjects



Common words

  • 住民じゅうみん
    inhabitant, resident, citizen, population
  • 市民しみん
    citizen, citizenry, public, city inhabitant, townspeople, bourgeoisie, middle class
  • 民族みんぞく
    people, race, nation, ethnic group, ethnos
  • 国民こくみん
    people (of a country), nation, citizen, national, Democratic Party for the People
  • 民主みんしゅ
    democracy, popular sovereignty, Democratic Party (esp. DPJ)
  • 民間みんかん
    private, non-governmental, non-official, civilian, civil, folk, popular
  • たみ
    people, citizens, subjects, folk
  • 難民なんみん
    refugee, displaced person, person inconvenienced by (lack of something, etc.), person unable to satisfactorily (marry, shop, etc.), person who is stuck (in a place or situation)
  • 人民じんみん
    the people, citizens, the populace
  • 民主主義みんしゅしゅぎ
  • 農民のうみん
    farmer, peasant
  • 庶民しょみん
    common people, ordinary people, masses
  • 移民いみん
    immigration, emigration, immigrant, emigrant
  • 植民地しょくみんち
    colony, (Japanese) settlement (in Brazil)
  • 民衆みんしゅう
    people, populace, masses
  • 国民総生産こくみんそうせいさん
    gross national product, GNP
  • 民主的みんしゅてき
  • 民法みんぽう
    civil law, civil code
  • 民謡みんよう
    folk song, popular song
  • 町民ちょうみん