6 strokes

dirty, pollute, disgrace, rape, defile



Common words

  • 汚職おしょく
  • 汚染おせん
    pollution, contamination
  • 汚れよごれ
    dirt, filth, stain, blot, spot
  • 汚名おめい
    bad name, bad reputation, disgrace, dishonour, dishonor, stigma, infamy
  • 汚れるよごれる
    to get dirty, to become dirty, to become sullied, to become corrupted, to lose one's chastity
  • 汚点おてん
    stain, blot, flaw, disgrace
  • 汚物おぶつ
    filth (esp. excrement, feces, urine), muck, waste, garbage, dirt, dust
  • 汚いきたない
    dirty, filthy, foul, unclean, disordered, messy, untidy, poor (e.g. handwriting), indecent (language, etc.), dirty, vulgar, coarse, dastardly, mean, base, underhanded, stingy, greedy
  • 汚すよごす
    to pollute, to contaminate, to soil, to make dirty, to stain, to disgrace, to dishonour, to dishonor, to defile