8 strokes

method, law, rule, principle, model, system



Common words

  • 憲法けんぽう
    constitution, rules, regulation
  • 方法ほうほう
    method, process, manner, way, means, technique
  • 法案ほうあん
    bill (law), measure
  • 法人ほうじん
    corporation, corporate body, company, legal entity, legal person, juridical person
  • 法律ほうりつ
  • 立法りっぽう
    legislation, lawmaking
  • 法的ほうてき
  • 司法しほう
    administration of justice
  • 法廷ほうてい
    court (of law), courtroom
  • 不法ふほう
    unlawful, illegal, unreasonable, outrageous, unjust, unwarranted
  • 違法いほう
    illegal, illicit, unlawful
  • 法学ほうがく
    law, jurisprudence
  • 法務省ほうむしょう
    Ministry of Justice
  • 法務ほうむ
    judicial affairs, clerical duty (in a temple)
  • 合法ごうほう
    legal, lawful, legitimate
  • 民法みんぽう
    civil law, civil code
  • 法規ほうき
    laws and regulations, legislation
  • 刑法けいほう
    criminal law, penal code
  • 法令ほうれい
    laws and ordinances, acts (of parliament, congress, etc.)
  • 非合法ひごうほう
    illegal, unlawful