8 strokes

pour, irrigate, shed (tears), flow into, concentrate on, notes, comment, annotate



Common words

  • 注目ちゅうもく
    notice, attention, observation
  • 注文ちゅうもん
    order (for an item), request, demand, condition
  • 注意ちゅうい
    attention, notice, heed, care, caution, precaution, looking out (for), watching out (for), advice, warning, caution, reminder, admonishment, reprimand, telling-off
  • 発注はっちゅう
    ordering (materials), placing an order, order
  • 注射ちゅうしゃ
    injection, jab, shot
  • ちゅう
    annotation, explanatory note, comment
  • 注ぐそそぐ
    to pour (into), to sprinkle on (from above), to water (e.g. plants), to pour onto, to spray, to shed (tears), to concentrate one's energy (strength, attention, etc.) on, to devote to, to fix (one's eyes) on, to flow into (e.g. of a river), to run into, to drain into, to fall (of rain, snow), to pour down
  • 注入ちゅうにゅう
    pouring, injection
  • 不注意ふちゅうい
    carelessness, inattention, thoughtlessness, negligence
  • 注釈ちゅうしゃく
    notes, comment, remark, annotation