10 strokes

current, a sink, flow, forfeit



Common words

  • 交流こうりゅう
    exchange (e.g. cultural), interchange, interaction, mingling, mixing, coming together, alternating current, AC
  • 流れながれ
    flow (of a fluid or gas), stream, current, flow (of people, things), passage (of time), tide, passing, (changing) trends, tendency, course (of events), (step-by-step) procedure, process, group of people who remain together after the end of an event, descent, ancestry, school, forfeiture, foreclosure, cancellation, drifting, wandering, roaming
  • 流通りゅうつう
    circulation (of money, goods, etc.), distribution, circulation (of air, water, etc.), ventilation, flow
  • 流行りゅうこう
    fashion, trend, vogue, craze, fad, popularity, prevalence (of a disease), epidemic
  • 一流いちりゅう
    first-class, first-rate, top-flight, top-ranking, leading, eminent, top, characteristic (of), peculiar (to), unique (to), school (e.g. of flower arrangement), one flag, one banner, one streamer
  • 流すながす
    to drain, to pour, to run, to let flow, to flush, to shed (blood, tears), to spill, to float (e.g. logs down a river), to set adrift, to wash away, to carry away, to sweep away, to broadcast, to play (e.g. music over a loudspeaker), to send (electricity through a wire), to circulate (a rumour, information, etc.), to spread, to distribute, to cruise (of a taxi), to stroll around (in search of customers, an audience, etc.), to go from place to place, to cancel (a plan, meeting, etc.), to call off, to reject (e.g. a bill), to forfeit (a pawn), to do leisurely (e.g. running, swimming), to do with ease, to do effortlessly, to exile, to banish, to hit (the ball) to the opposite field, to do inattentively, to do without concentrating, to put little effort into doing
  • 流血りゅうけつ
  • 流域りゅういき
    drainage basin, catchment basin, river basin, watershed, valley
  • 潮流ちょうりゅう
    tide, tidal current, tendency, drift, trend
  • 上流じょうりゅう
    upper stream, upper course, upper reaches, upstream, upper classes
  • 流しながし
    sink (e.g. in a kitchen), cruising (e.g. taxi), strolling (entertainer, musician, etc.), washing area (in a Japanese-style bath), back-washing service (in a public bath), floating (something on water), setting adrift, washing away
  • 下流かりゅう
    downstream, lower reaches of a river, lower classes
  • 中流ちゅうりゅう
    mid-stream, middle course, middle class
  • 漂流ひょうりゅう
    drifting, drift, being adrift
  • 支流しりゅう
    tributary, branch
  • 流氷りゅうひょう
    drift ice, ice floe
  • 三流さんりゅう
    third-rate, third-class
  • 合流ごうりゅう
    confluence (of rivers), merge (of traffic), conflux, junction, joining, union (e.g. of forces), linking up, merging, coming together
  • 海流かいりゅう
    ocean current
  • 渓流けいりゅう
    mountain stream, mountain torrent