11 strokes

present, existing, actual



Common words

  • 現在げんざい
    the present, present time, now, as of, present tense, this world, this life, to actually exist, to exist right now, to exist right in front of one
  • 現実げんじつ
    reality, actuality, hard fact
  • 現場げんば
    actual spot, scene (of a crime, accident, etc.), (on) site, (on) the ground, (in) the field, job site, filming location, (movie) set
  • 現地げんち
    actual place, actual location, the spot, the scene, the field, (on) site, place where one is currently living
  • 現代げんだい
    present age, present day, today, modern era, modern times
  • 表現ひょうげん
    expression, representation, description, representation (of a group)
  • 実現じつげん
    implementation (e.g. of a system), materialization, materialisation, realization, realisation, actualization, actualisation
  • 現状げんじょう
    present condition, existing state, status quo, current state
  • 現象げんしょう
  • 現金げんきん
    cash, ready money, money on hand, currency, mercenary, self-interested, calculating
  • 現職げんしょく
    present post, current office, (an) incumbent
  • 現役げんえき
    active duty, active service, student taking (university) entrance exams while still enrolled in school, student who passed their university entrance exams on the first try
  • 現行犯げんこうはん
    flagrante delicto, caught red-handed
  • 出現しゅつげん
    appearance, emergence, advent, arrival, showing up, coming to existence
  • 現にげんに
    actually, really
  • 現況げんきょう
    present condition
  • 現像げんぞう
    development (of film), photographic processing
  • 現住所げんじゅうしょ
    (present) address
  • 現れあらわれ
    embodiment, manifestation, materialization, materialisation, expression, indication