8 strokes

brush-stroke, picture



Common words

  • 計画けいかく
    plan, project, schedule, scheme, program, programme
  • 映画えいが
    movie, film, motion picture
  • 企画きかく
    planning, plan, project, arrangements
  • 絵画かいが
    painting, picture
  • 画面がめん
    screen (of a TV, computer, etc.), image (on a screen), picture, scene, surface of a painting (picture, drawing, etc.)
  • 画家がか
    painter, artist
  • 漫画まんが
    cartoon, comic, comic strip, manga
  • 画像がぞう
    image, picture, portrait
  • 経済企画庁けいざいきかくちょう
    Economic Planning Agency (defunct as of 2001)
  • 映画館えいがかん
    movie theatre, movie theater, cinema
  • 画廊がろう
    art gallery (esp. artworks for sale), picture gallery
  • 画期的かっきてき
    ground-breaking, revolutionary, unprecedented, epoch-making
  • 版画はんが
    woodcut, woodblock print, art print
  • 洋画ようが
    Western painting, Western film, Western movie
  • 録画ろくが
    (video) recording
  • 区画くかく
    division, section, compartment, block, plot, lot, partition, boundary
  • 壁画へきが
    fresco, mural, wall painting
  • 日本画にほんが
    Japanese painting
  • 水彩画すいさいが
    watercolor painting, watercolour painting
  • 画用紙がようし
    drawing paper