11 strokes

abbreviation, omission, outline, shorten, capture, plunder



Common words

  • 戦略せんりゃく
    strategy, tactics
  • 侵略しんりゃく
    invasion (e.g. of a country), raid, aggression
  • 略奪りゃくだつ
    pillage, plunder, looting, robbery
  • 簡略かんりゃく
    simple, brief
  • 略歴りゃくれき
    brief personal record, short curriculum vitae, short CV
  • 謀略ぼうりゃく
    scheme, plot, artifice, stratagem, trick
  • 省略しょうりゃく
    omission, leaving out, abbreviation, abridgment, abridgement, shortening (e.g. of a name)
  • 略語りゃくご
    abbreviation, acronym
  • 策略さくりゃく
    scheme, tactic, stratagem, trick
  • 概略がいりゃく
    outline, summary, gist, in brief