11 strokes

steal, rob, pilfer



Common words

  • 強盗ごうとう
    robber, mugger, robbery, burglary
  • 盗むぬすむ
    to steal, to plagiarize, to steal (a technique, idea, etc.), to watch and learn, to do stealthily, to do during scant time, to steal a base
  • 窃盗せっとう
    theft, stealing, larceny
  • 盗難とうなん
    theft, robbery
  • 盗賊とうぞく
    thief, robber, burglar, bandit
  • 盗作とうさく
    plagiarism, plagiarised work
  • 盗品とうひん
    stolen goods, stolen article, loot, spoils
  • 盗用とうよう
    embezzlement, fraudulent use, plagiarism, appropriation