8 strokes

straightaway, honesty, frankness, fix, repair



Common words

  • 直前ちょくぜん
    just before, just prior to, right in front of, just in front of
  • 直後ちょくご
    immediately following
  • 直接ちょくせつ
    direct, immediate, personal, firsthand
  • じき
    soon, in a moment, before long, shortly, nearby, close, direct, spot transaction, cash transaction
  • 直ちにただちに
    at once, immediately, right away, without delay, directly (face, lead to, etc.), automatically (mean, result in, etc.)
  • 率直そっちょく
    frank, candid, straightforward, openhearted, direct, outspoken
  • 素直すなお
    obedient, meek, docile, unaffected, honest, frank, upfront (about one's feelings), straight (e.g. hair), without peculiarity, without mannerisms, standard, neat (e.g. handwriting)
  • 正直しょうじき
    honest, frank, candid, straightforward, honestly, frankly
  • 直径ちょっけい
  • 見直すみなおす
    to look at again, to re-examine (policy, estimate, plan, etc.), to review, to get a better opinion of, to see in a more positive light, to improve, to recover (market, illness, etc.)
  • 直線ちょくせん
    straight line
  • 直撃ちょくげき
    direct hit
  • 直轄ちょっかつ
    direct control
  • 垂直すいちょく
    vertical, perpendicular
  • 直系ちょっけい
    direct descent, direct line
  • 直通ちょくつう
    direct line, direct communication, connecting directly, through service, nonstop service
  • 直感ちょっかん
    intuition, instinct, hunch
  • 持ち直すもちなおす
    to recover, to rally, to improve, to pick up
  • 直角ちょっかく
    right angle, perpendicular
  • 立ち直るたちなおる
    to regain one's footing, to get back on one's feet, to recover, (of the market) to improve