10 strokes

true, reality, Buddhist sect



Common words

  • 写真しゃしん
    photograph, photo, picture, snapshot, snap, moving picture, movie
  • 真相しんそう
    truth, real situation
  • 真実しんじつ
    truth, reality, truly, really, absolute truth
  • 真ん中まんなか
    middle, centre, center, midpoint, heart
  • 真意しんい
    real intention, true motive, true meaning
  • 真理しんり
  • 真っ暗まっくら
    total darkness, pitch dark, bleak future, poor prospects
  • 真っ赤まっか
    bright red, deep red, flushed (of face), downright (e.g. lie), complete, utter
  • 真っ先まっさき
    the head, the foremost, beginning, the very front
  • 真夏まなつ
    middle of summer, height of summer, midsummer
  • 真っ白まっしろ
    pure white, blank (e.g. mind, paper)
  • 真価しんか
    true value, real worth
  • 真珠しんじゅ
  • 真っ最中まっさいちゅう
    right in the middle (of), midst, height
  • 真空しんくう
    vacuum, hollow, empty
  • 真偽しんぎ
    truth or falsehood, genuineness, authenticity, veracity
  • 真夜中まよなか
    dead of night, midnight
  • 真剣しんけん
    serious, earnest, real sword (as opposed to a wooden practice weapon)
  • 真冬まふゆ
    midwinter, dead of winter
  • 真っ青まっさお
    deep blue, bright blue, ghastly pale, pallid, white as a sheet