12 strokes

don, arrive, wear, counter for suits of clothing



Common words

  • 決着けっちゃく
    conclusion, decision, end, settlement
  • 着実ちゃくじつ
    steady, sound, solid, reliable, trustworthy
  • 落ち着いたおちついた
    calm, composed, cool, settled, fixed, established, unobtrusive, quiet, subdued, low-key (color)
  • 癒着ゆちゃく
    adhesion, conglutination, collusion, collusive relationship
  • 着陸ちゃくりく
    landing, alighting, touch down
  • 到着とうちゃく
  • 着物きもの
    kimono, Japanese traditional clothing (esp. full-length), clothing, clothes
  • 下着したぎ
    underwear, undergarment, underclothes, lingerie
  • 定着ていちゃく
    sticking (in one place, position, etc.), settling, fixing, adherence, becoming established (of a custom, system, etc.), taking hold, taking root, fixation, fixing
  • 発着はっちゃく
    arrival and departure
  • 必着ひっちゃく
    must arrive, must be received
  • 先着せんちゃく
    arriving first
  • 着るきる
    to wear (from the shoulders down), to put on, to take (the blame, responsibility), to bear
  • 落ち着きおちつき
    calmness, composure, presence of mind, stability, steadiness
  • 水着みずぎ
    bathing suit, swimsuit, swimmers
  • 愛着あいちゃく
    attachment (esp. to things), love, affection, fondness
  • 上着うわぎ
    coat, jacket, outerwear, top, upper-body garment
  • 着手ちゃくしゅ
    starting work (on), setting to work (on), setting about (doing), beginning, commencing, embarking on, commencing (a crime)
  • 普段着ふだんぎ
    everyday clothes, ordinary clothes, casual wear, informal dress
  • 執着しゅうちゃく
    attachment, adhesion, insistence, tenacity, fixation, obsession, clinging (e.g. to old customs)