13 strokes

blessing, fortune, luck, wealth



Common words

  • 福祉ふくし
    welfare, well-being, social welfare, social security, social service
  • 社会福祉しゃかいふくし
    social welfare
  • 幸福こうふく
    happiness, well-being, joy, welfare, blessedness
  • 祝福しゅくふく
    celebration (of a joyous occasion), blessing, giving one's blessing, wishing (someone) good luck, blessing (from God)
  • 裕福ゆうふく
    wealthy, rich, affluent, well-off
  • 福音ふくいん
    good news, glad tidings, gospel (teachings or revelations of Christ)
  • 七福神しちふくじん
    Seven Gods of Fortune, Seven Deities of Good Luck, Seven Lucky Gods