8 strokes

stab, protruding, thrust, pierce, prick, collision, sudden



Common words

  • 衝突しょうとつ
    collision, crash, impact, running into, clash, skirmish, conflict, discord, quarrel, brush
  • 突破とっぱ
    breaking through, breakthrough, penetration, surmounting (a difficulty), overcoming, getting over, accomplishing (an aim), reaching (a goal), exceeding, passing, rising above
  • 突然とつぜん
    abrupt, sudden, unexpected
  • 突入とつにゅう
    rushing into, breaking into, storming, plunging into (war, etc.), embarking on (a new venture)
  • 唐突とうとつ
    abrupt, sudden
  • 煙突えんとつ
    chimney, smokestack, funnel (of a ship), stovepipe, carrying a passenger without turning on the taximeter
  • 突如とつじょ
    suddenly, all of a sudden, unexpectedly
  • 追突ついとつ
    rear-end collision
  • 突っ込むつっこむ
    to thrust (something) into (something), to cram, to stuff, to shove, to plunge into, to charge into, to rush into, to ram into, to crash into, to delve into (a matter), to go into depth, to get to the heart (of something), to press (someone) about, to point out (e.g. an inconsistency), to question sharply, to grill, to get involved with, to meddle in, to poke one's nose into, to riposte, to retort, to quip
  • 突っ張るつっぱる
    to cramp up, to tighten, to stiffen, to be insistent, to persist (in one's opinion), to stick to one's guns, to act tough, to bluff, to be defiant, to be unruly, to prop up (e.g. with a post), to support, to push out (one's legs or arms), to stretch (e.g. an arm against the wall), to press, to thrust (one's opponent)
  • 突貫とっかん
    charging (at the enemy) with a shout, rush, rushing (an activity), working at full speed, penetration, piercing
  • 突き当たるつきあたる
    to run into, to collide with, to crash into, to bump against, to come to the end of (a street), to run into (difficulties, problems, etc.), to run up against
  • 突き刺すつきさす
    to stab, to stick, to pierce, to thrust