12 strokes

entwine, coil around, get caught in



Common words

  • 連絡れんらく
    contacting, (making) contact, getting in touch, communication, correspondence, call, message, connection (with a train, bus, etc.), joining (a railway line, etc.), meeting, connection (between matters, incidents, etc.), relation, link
  • 脈絡みゃくらく
    logical connection, chain of reasoning, coherence, context, blood vessel
  • 絡むからむ
    to twine, to get tangled, to get entangled, to get caught (in), to be involved (e.g. of money in a matter), to get involved (in), to be a factor (in), to have an influence, to pick a quarrel (with), to find fault (with), to pester, to hassle
  • 絡み合うからみあう
    to intertwine, to become entangled, to get tangled (together), to become intertwined (of matters, interests, etc.), to become connected, to become linked