12 strokes

discontinue, sever, cut off, abstain, interrupt, suppress, be beyond, without match, peerless, unparalleled



Common words

  • 絶対ぜったい
    absolutely, definitely, unconditionally, absolute, unconditional, unmistakable, absoluteness
  • 中絶ちゅうぜつ
    abortion, discontinuance, stoppage, suspension, interruption
  • 絶好ぜっこう
    best, ideal, perfect
  • 絶望ぜつぼう
    despair, hopelessness
  • 廃絶はいぜつ
    abolition, elimination, extinction, discontinuation
  • 絶妙ぜつみょう
    exquisite, superb, perfect, miraculous
  • 根絶こんぜつ
    eradication, extermination, rooting out, stamping out, getting rid of
  • 絶大ぜつだい
    tremendous, immense, enormous, colossal, stupendous, huge
  • 絶頂ぜっちょう
    top (of a mountain), summit, peak, height, zenith, climax, orgasm, climax
  • 断絶だんぜつ
    extinction (e.g. of a family), dying out, discontinuation, severance (e.g. of relations), rupture, breaking off, (generation) gap
  • 絶縁ぜつえん
    breaking off relations (with), severing one's connections (with), breaking with (e.g. one's past), insulation (electrical or thermal), isolation
  • 途絶えるとだえる
    to stop, to cease, to come to an end, to cut off
  • 絶やすたやす
    to exterminate, to eradicate, to wipe out, to put an end to, to let (fire) go out, to let die (e.g. flowers), to run out of
  • 絶叫ぜっきょう
    scream, shriek, shout, exclamation
  • 拒絶きょぜつ
    refusal, rejection
  • 絶えるたえる
    to die out, to peter out, to become extinct, to cease, to be stopped, to be discontinued, to be cut off
  • 気絶きぜつ
    faint, fainting, losing consciousness
  • 絶交ぜっこう
    breaking off a relationship, permanent breach of friendship, rupture