13 strokes

inherit, succeed, continue, patch, graft (tree)



Common words

  • 継続けいぞく
    continuation, continuance, going on
  • 後継こうけい
    succession, successor
  • 中継ちゅうけい
    relay, hook-up, relay broadcasting
  • 継承けいしょう
    inheritance, succession, accession, share-alike
  • 中継ぎなかつぎ
    joining, joint, intermediation, acting as an intermediary, relaying, taking over, middle relief pitcher, middle reliever, pole-shaped item with a join in the middle, tea container with a lid that is the same size as the body
  • 引き継ぐひきつぐ
    to take over, to hand over
  • 受け継ぐうけつぐ
    to inherit, to succeed, to take over
  • 引き継ぎひきつぎ
    taking over, handing over, transfer of control, inheriting, passing on the baton
  • 継ぐつぐ
    to succeed (a person, to a position, etc.), to inherit, to take over, to follow, to patch (clothes), to mend, to repair, to add (e.g. charcoal to the fire), to replenish with, to feed with, to follow up with (e.g. remarks), to gather (one's breath)
  • 跡継ぎあとつぎ
    heir, inheritor, successor