6 strokes

texture, skin, body, grain



Common words

  • はだ
    skin, body (in the context of intimate bodily contact), surface, grain (e.g. of wood), texture, disposition, temperament, character, type
  • 肌寒いはださむい
    chilly, unpleasantly cold
  • 肌着はだぎ
    underwear, underclothes, lingerie, chemise, singlet
  • 地肌じはだ
    texture, grain, one's skin (lacking makeup, etc.), natural skin, bare skin, scalp, surface of the earth, bare ground, surface of a sword blade
  • 肌触りはだざわり
    the touch of, feel of, texture
  • 肌色はだいろ
    flesh colour (of a Japanese person), flesh color, pale orange, (one's) skin color, skin colour, skin tone