11 strokes

undress, removing, escape from, get rid of, be left out, take off



Common words

  • 脱税だつぜい
    tax evasion
  • 離脱りだつ
    withdrawal, secession, separation, breakaway
  • 脱退だったい
    withdrawal (e.g. from an organization), secession, leaving, pulling out
  • 脱出だっしゅつ
    escape, break-out, prolapse, proptosis
  • 脱落だつらく
    dropping out, falling behind, falling by the wayside, desertion, omission, being left out, missing part, falling off, coming off, shedding
  • 脱水だっすい
    evaporation, dehydration, desiccation
  • 脱走だっそう
    escape, flight, breakout, fleeing, desertion
  • 脱線だっせん
    derailment, digression, deviation
  • 脱ぐぬぐ
    to take off (clothes, shoes, etc.), to undress
  • 脱衣だつい
    undressing, taking off one's clothes