8 strokes

suffering, trial, worry, hardship, feel bitter, scowl



Common words

  • 苦労くろう
    trouble, hardship, difficulty, labour, labor, toil, pains, anxiety, worry, concern, cares
  • 苦情くじょう
    complaint, troubles, objection, grievance
  • 苦しみくるしみ
    pain, anguish, distress, suffering, hardship
  • 苦手にがて
    poor (at), weak (in), not very good (at), not one's cup of tea, not one's favorite
  • 苦悩くのう
    (mental) agony, anguish, suffering, distress
  • 苦いにがい
  • 苦痛くつう
    pain, agony, suffering, distress, torment
  • 苦境くきょう
    difficult situation, adverse circumstances, predicament, trouble, dilemma, distress
  • 苦しめるくるしめる
    to torment, to pain, to inflict (physical) pain, to hurt, to harass, to cause (emotional) pain, to afflict, to distress, to bother, to trouble, to stump, to baffle
  • 苦しいくるしい
    painful, difficult, tough, hard, distressing, (psychologically) difficult, stressful, awkward (e.g. position), straitened (circumstances), tight (financial situation), needy, struggling, strained (interpretation, explanation, etc.), lame (e.g. excuse), forced (e.g. smile), far-fetched, hard to do, unpleasant
  • 苦心くしん
    pains, hard work, effort, trouble, labour, labor
  • 苦笑くしょう
    bitter smile, wry smile, strained laugh, sarcastic laugh
  • 苦笑いにがわらい
    bitter smile, wry smile, forced smile, strained laugh
  • 見苦しいみぐるしい
    unsightly, ugly, unseemly, indecent, deplorable, disgraceful, shameful
  • 辛苦しんく
    hardship, toil, trouble
  • 寝苦しいねぐるしい
    unable to sleep well
  • 堅苦しいかたくるしい
    formal, strict, ceremonious, stiff
  • 重苦しいおもくるしい
    heavy (feeling, etc.), gloomy (weather, etc.), oppressive (atmosphere, etc.), stifling, strained
  • 苦しむくるしむ
    to suffer, to groan, to be worried
  • 病苦びょうく
    pain of sickness