6 strokes

insect, bug, temper



Common words

  • むし
    insect, bug, cricket, moth, worm, roundworm, thing inside one's body believed to influence one's thoughts and feelings, (one's) unconscious, nervousness, fretfulness, person devoted to one thing, single-minded person, valve core, mushi (type of game played with a stripped deck)
  • 昆虫こんちゅう
    insect, bug
  • 殺虫剤さっちゅうざい
    insecticide, pesticide
  • 虫歯むしば
    cavity, tooth decay, decayed tooth, dental caries
  • 害虫がいちゅう
    harmful insect, noxious insect, vermin, pest
  • 幼虫ようちゅう
    larva, grub, maggot
  • 毛虫けむし
    hairy caterpillar, woolly bear, pest, nudnik (nudnick)
  • 弱虫よわむし
    coward, weakling, scaredy cat, wimp, sissy