14 strokes

made in..., manufacture



Common words

  • 製品せいひん
    manufactured goods, finished goods, product
  • 製造せいぞう
    manufacture, production
  • 製作せいさく
    manufacture, production, production (of a film, play, TV show, etc.)
  • 製薬せいやく
    medicine manufacture, drug manufacture
  • 木製もくせい
    wooden, made of wood
  • 製鉄せいてつ
    iron manufacture
  • 複製ふくせい
    reproduction, duplication, reprinting
  • 作製さくせい
    manufacture, production
  • 既製服きせいふく
    ready-made clothes
  • 既製きせい
    ready-made, off the shelf
  • 製糖せいとう
    sugar manufacture