13 strokes

contact, touch, feel, hit, proclaim, announce, conflict



Common words

  • 接触せっしょく
    touch, contact, touching
  • 感触かんしょく
    feel (of something), touch, texture, sensation, feeling, impression
  • 抵触ていしょく
    infringement (of a law, treaty, etc.), contravention, running afoul, conflict (with a theory, claim, etc.), inconsistency, incompatibility, contradiction, collision, contact, touching
  • 触れ合いふれあい
    contact, connectedness, rapport, mutual touching
  • 触媒しょくばい
  • 触覚しょっかく
    sense of touch, tactile, haptic, hair style with long bangs
  • 前触れまえぶれ
    advance warning, previous notice, prior announcement, herald, harbinger, forerunner, portent, sign, omen
  • 触るさわる
    to touch, to feel, to get involved (with), to approach, to be harmful to, to hinder, to interfere with, to irritate
  • 肌触りはだざわり
    the touch of, feel of, texture
  • 触れ合うふれあう
    to come into contact with, to touch (each other), to have a brush with