10 strokes

consign, requesting, entrusting with, pretend, hint



Common words

  • 信託しんたく
    trust, entrusting, leaving in someone's trust
  • 委託いたく
    entrusting (something to a person), consignment (of goods), putting in someone's charge, trust, commission
  • 嘱託しょくたく
    commission, entrusting with (work), part-time employee, temporary work
  • 託すたくす
    to entrust (someone) with, to leave (a matter) with someone, to place under someone's care, to have someone deliver (a message, parcel, etc.), to send (through someone), to leave (a message) with someone, to use (something) to express (one's feelings, opinion, etc.), to express in the form of (something), to use as a pretext
  • 託児所たくじしょ
    creche, day nursery, day-care center
  • 結託けったく
    conspiracy, collusion
  • 託宣たくせん
    oracle, revelation, divine message