13 strokes

test, try, attempt, experiment, ordeal



Common words

  • 試合しあい
    match, game, bout, contest
  • 試験しけん
    examination, exam, test, trial, experiment, test
  • 試みこころみ
    attempt, trial, experiment, endeavour (endeavor), effort, venture, initiative
  • 入試にゅうし
    entrance examination
  • 試練しれん
    test, trial, ordeal, tribulation
  • 試作しさく
    trial manufacture, experiment, test piece, prototype
  • 試行錯誤しこうさくご
    trial and error
  • 試金石しきんせき
    touchstone, Lydian stone, touchstone (e.g. of success), test, litmus test
  • 試すためす
    to try (out), to have a try (at), to test, to put to the test
  • 試食ししょく
    sampling food, tasting, trying
  • 試しためし
    trial, test
  • 試みるこころみる
    to try, to attempt, to have a go (at)
  • 試運転しうんてん
    trial run, test run
  • 模試もし
    mock exam, practice exam, practice test