14 strokes

word, speech, language



Common words

  • 英語えいご
    English (language)
  • 日本語にほんご
    Japanese (language)
  • 物語ものがたり
    story, tale, narrative, account, fable, legend
  • 言語げんご
  • 用語ようご
    term, terminology, wording, choice of words, phraseology
  • 国語こくご
    national language, Japanese language (esp. as a school subject in Japan), one's native language, mother tongue, native Japanese words (as opposed to loanwords and Chinese-derived words)
  • 外国語がいこくご
    foreign language
  • 語るかたる
    to talk about, to speak of, to tell, to narrate, to recite, to chant, to indicate, to show
  • 語らうかたらう
    to talk, to tell, to recite, to pledge, to conspire with
  • 物語るものがたる
    to tell (a story), to give an account of (an event, experience, etc.), to relate, to recount, to tell of, to show, to indicate, to prove, to attest to
  • 語学ごがく
    study of foreign languages, linguistics
  • 落語らくご
    rakugo, traditional Japanese comic storytelling, comic story (told by a professional storyteller)
  • 単語たんご
    word, vocabulary
  • word, language, speech
  • 季語きご
    seasonal word (in haiku)
  • 標語ひょうご
    motto, slogan, catchword
  • 語源ごげん
    origin of a word, derivation of a word, etymology
  • 外来語がいらいご
    loanword (in Japanese, esp. those of Western origin), foreign-origin word
  • 死語しご
    dead language, extinct language, obsolete word, dated word, word that has become passé
  • 敬語けいご
    honorific, term of respect, polite expression, honorific language