14 strokes




Common words

  • 読者どくしゃ
  • 読書どくしょ
    reading (a book)
  • 読みよみ
    reading, reading (of a kanji, esp. kun reading), reading (e.g. of a situation), insight, judgment, interpretation, prediction, calculation
  • 朗読ろうどく
    reading aloud, recitation
  • 読むよむ
    to read, to recite (e.g. a sutra), to chant, to predict, to guess, to forecast, to read (someone's thoughts), to see (e.g. into someone's heart), to divine, to decipher, to count, to estimate, to read (a kanji) with its native Japanese reading
  • 購読こうどく
    buying and reading (book, magazine, etc.), subscribing (incl. free subscriptions), taking (e.g. newspaper)
  • 読み方よみかた
    pronunciation, reading (e.g. of a kanji), way of reading (out loud), interpretation (e.g. of a text), reading
  • 秒読みびょうよみ
  • 愛読あいどく
    reading with pleasure
  • 読み物よみもの
    reading matter, reading material
  • 読み書きよみかき
    reading and writing
  • 読本とくほん
    reading-book, reader, guidebook, manual, textbook (esp. a pre-war elementary school Japanese language textbook)
  • 読み返すよみかえす
    to reread, to read again
  • 句読点くとうてん
    punctuation mark